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What are Reasonable Needs, Wants and Potential?

Almost all living things are biologically hard-wired to avoid unnecessary suffering and to seek pleasure, happiness or contentment through the satisfaction of their reasonable needs, wants and perceived potential.

Basic human needs can be satisfied in almost any primitive community. Reasonable material wants and perceived human potential can only be satisfied a modern, technologically advanced international civilization in which all the tasks of production, service and exploring potential are specialized and divided among the population; and the entire population engages in fair trade and mutual service.

Such an international civilzation must be economically viable, ecologically sustainable and socially just, or it will logically collapse into conflict, chaos and extinction or primitiveness.

Survival and prosperity generally require a good understanding of one's environment and its threats; and the ability to negotiate that environment safely; in this case, a complex, modern civilization with an ever growing body of collective knowledge about our planet and expanding universe. A modern civilization is a complex environment with many opportunities and threats.

Happiness or contentment involves recognizing the full range of human needs as they occur; which apply to oneself; being able to distinguish between them; recognizing the opportunities, avoiding the threats and maintaining a sustainable balance of satisfaction.

Every living thing wants to survive and prosper, as a biological imperative, if not as an intelligent choice. Life is essentially a competitive exercise requiring good health, adaptability, intelligence, judgement, skills, speed, strength, camouflage, agility or other desirable characteristics; and good knowledge of the environment one is born into.

All young life forms, including young humans, are basically stupid, gullible and unskilled; an unavoidable consequence of being born ignorant, as we all are. Human society is better at protecting and teaching its young than other terrestrial life forms; but ignorance and testing limits is still an open door through which many leap to unnecessary suffering and premature death.

As we progress through individual life and social development, our needs, wants and priorities change in nature and priority as they are satisfied. They may vary in nature and intensity according to individual characteristics. This constant process of change is the foundation of opportunities for business, mutual service, employment and prosperity.

Various needs, wants and potential may overlap and can fall into several categories. The greatest human potential lies in acquiring knowledge and skills that results in the satisfaction of other peoples' reasonable needs, wants and potential as well as one's own. It may or may not result in personal wealth and status.

To give people the best chance of survival and prosperity in a modern, technologically advanced civilization, it is necessary to be familiar with the range of predictable human needs, wants and potential and their ever changing priority. This enables us to provide products and services that can help satisfy those reasonable needs, wants and potentials; and thus earn a living, the respect of others and our own self-respect.

Needs and Wants


Clean air To prevent illness or death from suffocation or poisoning
Clean water Non-toxic drink to prevent death from dehydration or disease
Nutritious food Sufficient quantity and quality to prevent starvation and malnutrition
Waste excretion To prevent death from accumulated toxins
Adequate shelter To prevent death from predators and weather extremes
Adequate clothing To prevent death from weather extremes
Adequate sleep To avoid life threatening situations and maintain mental health
Adequate housing Shelter, heating, cooling, drinking, eating, sleeping, plumbing, sanitation
Good hygiene, sanitation Clean environment, personal, social habits to avoid infections and disease
Sunlight Sufficient exposure to sun for vitamin D to maintain healthy immune system
Exercise To be fit enough to maintain good health, stamina and self sufficiency
Psychological An environment conducive to good psychological health
Family To belong to a family or group providing affection, safety, protection, help
Safe home environment To provide base protection, love, nurturing and basic education
Social training To explain need for social existence, specialization, cooperative conduct
Job/task training To participate in family housework or group tasks in preparation for social life
Danger training Explanation of environmental dangers and how to avoid them
Safety and Security  
Social organization To explain, delegate and accept responsibility for cooperative social conduct
Domestic Abuse Protection from physical or sexual abuse in the home environment
Substance abuse Awareness of dangers of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, substance abuse
Job or income security Marketable skills to provide financial security in a social environment
Safe work environment To avoid accidents at the workplace
Self sufficiency To be able to live alone for periods when help unavailable
Social and Affection  
Bonds of affection Reciprocated feelings of love, friendship, care and appreciation.
Security bonds Reciprocated concern for each others reasonable needs and wants
Mutual understanding To avoid feeling misunderstood and isolated from family or group
Companionship Shared activities to avoid feelings of loneliness, isolation, social rejection
Intimacy To provide a sense of closeness to at least one other and avoid loneliness
Community To provide group identity, shared knowledge, attitudes, values and beliefs
Social comprehension Understanding social synergy, specialization, cooperation, mutual service
Merit To acquire social characteristics valued and respected by self and others
Task skills To be able to contribute to satisfaction of the needs and potential of others
Self respect To feel competent, self confident, worthy of self respect
Recognition Receive positive feedback or reward to confirm acceptance and respect
Respect of others To win the respect of others for contribution to partnership or group
Higher education To provide more complex highly valued services and higher rewards
Status Recognition for a highly valued service to a community
Skill development Necessary to contribute to the needs of others and earn respect
Achievement Achieving realistic and achievable potential  and personal goals
Power and influence Ability to manage relationships and projects efficiently and effectively
Independence To feel able to look after one's own basic needs and contribute to others
Appropriate path Choosing a direction in life with compassion and the courage to take risks
Appropriate vocation Finding an occupation and activities one is passionate about and suited for
Appropriate conduct Based on socially appropriate attitudes, values and beliefs
Cognitive Education  
Good explanation of life To reflect known science and provide meaningful framework for knowledge
Environmental knowledge Understanding natural and social environment to ensure survival, prosperity 
Appropriate belief system Arriving at an adequate explanation of life, the universe, existence
Survival skills Knowledge and skills to required to survive alone in most situations
General education To provide historical, social and environmental context for knowledge
Scientific knowledge To understand why things are and how they work
Literacy skills To be able to communicate, learn by reading and teach by effective writing
Math skills To be able to perform basic and advanced mathematical operations
Arts education To be able to learn from music, metaphors, visual and dramatic arts
Social education To develop socially appropriate goals, attitudes, values, beliefs and conduct
Problem solving skills Achieve realistic goals by identifying and resolving impediments and threats
Work skills Help satisfy the needs and wants of others to earn a living and respect
Social comprehension Understanding social synergy of specialization, cooperation, mutual service
Competitiveness To evolve the most appropriate products, services, eliminate redundancy
ITC skills To function in an information, communication and technology based society
Challenge To stimulate the mind and emotions
Ability to Think Ability to process and extrapolate information with reasoning
Critical Thinking Ability to evaluate information for veracity, context, meaning and consistency
Comfort needs Home, furniture and goods required for comfort and entertainment
Transport needs For mobility in a transport and trade dependant society
Information needs Television and internet access for information dependant society
Communication needs Telephone, mobile, fax, email for communication oriented society
Aged independence Income security, health and freedom in old age
Domestic aesthetic Emotionally satisfying home, garden, furniture, art, books, music, etc
Environmental aesthetic Emotionally satisfying urban or natural environment
Companions aesthetic Emotionally stimulating friendships and companions
Work aesthetic Intellectually stimulating work, colleagues and work environment
Aesthetic skills Know how to derive and provide pleasure with beauty, form, symmetry
Relaxation Relief from physical, social, sexual and psychological deprivation or stress
Physical exercise To maintain appropriate weight, health and fitness, stimulate endorphins
Reinvigoration Intellectual and emotional stimulation and motivation
Fun Entertainment, levity, enjoyment, thrills, excitement and satisfaction
Solitude Periods of solitude, reflection, meditation and re-evaluation
Freedom Time to escape domestic, work or social duties
Family Time for family activities and bonding
Vacations Getting away from usual environment
Sport For exercise or team building, competitiiveness or self improvement
Change To stimulate the mind, avoid repetition and boredom
Privacy For personal space and contemplation
Understanding civilization Knowing how division of labour and mutual service improves life for all
Serving others Putting the needs of others on at least an equal footing as one's own
Selflessness Satisfaction of own potential in satisfying the needs and potential of others
Understanding what Life is Ability of the Universe to witness, experience and explore its own existence
Understanding existence All things are evolved forms of the same original energy before Big Bang
Losing self-importance All sentient life shares a similar experience of being "Me" or "I AM" via senses
Knowing immortality Understanding reincarnation, continuity as the experience of being "Me"
Purpose To pass on desirable knowledge and characteristics to following generations
Social dedication Dedication to long term goal of viable, sustainable, ethical global civilization
Individual redundancy Accepting the equal expendability of any and all life at any time
Accepting death Accepting death as a necessary filter for the continuity and renewal of life
Social justice Routinely treating others as oneself in recognition of transcended world view
Challenge To exercise the mind and maintain interest in living
Peak knowledge Understanding transcendental unity and identity underlying diversity
Peak values Valuing all life as expressions of the same transcendental unity and identity
Peak experiences Feelings of intense unity, happiness, well-being, ecstasy, wonder, awe
Bonding sex For expressions of acceptance, love, intimacy, affection, companionship, etc
Approval Sex As an affirmation of attraction, desirability, approval, relevance
Recreational sex Sex for pleasure, fun, relief, exercise, stimulation, orgasm, satisfaction
Functional Sex For the biological preference to have children
Emotional Sex For emotional and psychological security
Power Sex Sex to exert influence over another, ability to give satisfaction, orgasms
Sex skills To acquire or impart sexual knowledge and experience
Aesthetic Sex As an art form, expression of beauty, to convey range of emotions
Sexual safety To avoid disease, unwanted pregnancies and psychological harm
Experimental sex Sex for risk, danger, excitement, diversity, power, control, experience, etc
Communication Ability to communicate needs, desires, state of mind, etc
Gender understanding Ability to appreciate the language, needs, state of mind of sexual partner
Social infraustructure  
Government tiers To regulate and manage social systems at various regional levels
Water infrastructure To store, distribute, manage water for drinking, washing, irrigation, industry
Sewage system To dispose of body wastes and waste water
Primary industry infrastructure To develop necessary natural resources, food, fuels, minerals and energy
Energy infrastructure To distribute necessary energy for industry, transport, heating, cooling
Housing infrastructure To provide adequate housing and shelter
Health system To provide necessary health services and prevent infectious diseases
Waste disposal To collect, recycle and dispose of consumer waste products
Political system To ensure participation and create laws that reflect needs of society
Justice system To enforce reasonable laws and promote social justice
Transport system Adequate transport in transport and trade dependent society
Trading infrastructure For primary, secondary, tertiary products, services and employment
Money system To establish relative value and distribute means to acquire adequately
Education system To provide necessary education, science, technology and skills training
Communication system Adequate communication infrastructure in information dependent society
Belief systems Promote appropriate conduct, address diverse spiritual needs and mortality
Armed forces To fight unavoidable territorial and resource wars
Social security To provide a safety net in periods of unemployment or disability
Political parties Empower people by participating in debates, goals, priorities and strategies
Community facilities To provide for discussion, leisure, sport, entertainment
Standards system Ensure products, services, conduct meet reasonable expectations of quality
Public media To provide accurate information, entertainment and news
Aged Care facilities Accommodation and care for those too old to care for themselves 
Problem solving Help people identity and satisfy reasonable needs and potential
Conflict resolution To help resolve conflicts and promote fairness
Corporate systems To mass produce products, services and provide employment
Security services To monitor and respond to aggressive activities of enemies and competitors
Diplomatic services To engage and negotiate with other governments and societies
Research facilities To extend scientific and technical knowledge


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