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Installation Instructions

When you double click the PSAFree executable file or Run it over the Internet the files will be unzipped to your TEMP folder. If the folder C:\Problem Solving does not exist, it will be created and the files will be copied to that folder before the temp files are deleted. A batch file will then copy a shortcut to your desktop, labelled PSA Free.

Each version has been tested on Windows Xp, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions, running 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Microsoft Access; but individual installations can come with individual bugs, so some people may experience some difficulties. There are also some security and file permission issues that may need to be addressed. See troubleshooting problems.

If you run the application and it discovers you do not have a suitable version of Microsoft Access installed, (Access 2007 or higher), the application should download and install AccessRuntime from this website.

You can also download and install AccessRuntime from here.



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