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Appropriate competition

Like cooperation and mutual service, appropriate competition is essential for an economically viable and ecologically sustainable civilization. Competition is never welcome when one is on the losing side of it, but it is inevitable, necessary and appropriate in order to develop the most appropriate social models, products, services, attitudes, values, beliefs and conduct, consistent with the Purposes of Life.

This problem solving application can help you stay on the winning side of any competition; to set realistic goals, recognize threats, examine causes, overcome impediments and and achieve your desired outcomes. Perhaps as importantly, it can help you examine the goals, strengths, weaknesses, impediments and strategies of your competitors; and so stay ahead of them.

Competition between and within species is as old as Life itself. Living things that share the same environment must often compete for territory, leadership, mates, food, water and other resources. At a basic biological level, competition ensures the best genes survive and the most appropriate life forms for an environment prosper.

Within a society people compete for jobs and sexual partners. Businesses compete for customers and employees. In a democracy elections and the rule of law replace violence as a means to resolve conflict. The representatives of political parties compete for votes and legislative power. Belief systems compete for followers. Competition is necessary to eliminate redundant products, services, businesses, social models and belief systems that are inefficient or unfit for their purpose.

Competition usually attracts the best qualified people to jobs and positions of leadership. Competition does much to keep wages and prices within economically acceptable bounds. Competition between political, economic and religious beliefs systems help to develop the best attitudes, values and beliefs to govern our conduct, as does our choice of friends and allies.

Most conflicts within a society can be resolved democratically; or by resort to law or arbitration. Some cannot. In some cases violence is the only available option to resolve conflict and war results. Some attitudes, values, beliefs and conduct are unacceptable in a civilized society. Laws have to be made and enforced.

Some social models are demonstrably inefficient and cannot satisfy the reasonable needs, wants and potential of their citizens. Some regions have too many people or insufficient resources or infrastructure to ever be able to satisfy the reasonable needs, wants and potential of their citizens. Some societies and social groups compete for the same limited territory or resources. In such cases conflict seems inevitable.

The world is heading for another war. The system of treaties and defense alliances in place will ensure it becomes another world war. In its course and in its wake will come many new problems.

Large and growing populations currently compete for limited natural resources, manufacturing and employment opportunities. Unless the means are found to control population growth and satisfy the reasonable needs of the entire world population, competition for limited resources and the means to earn a living almost guarantees a world war will involve genocide as military leaders target competing populations of consumers, waste producers and controllers of strategic resources.

Competition may destroy products, systems and services that are doomed to fail; but the attitudes, values, beliefs and human conduct required to rebuild better systems remains the same.

Division of labour, trade, cooperation, mutual service and the pursuit of knowledge are fundamental to the survival and prosperity of any individual, family, organization, society, or any form of international civilization; regardless of the economic, political or religious belief systems that govern the conduct of people.

Knowing how to identify and help satisfy the reasonable needs, wants, aspirations and potential of others is the key to success in education, business, personal and international relations. Problem solving; figuring out how to overcome impediments and threats to those wants; is the key to satisfying those wants.

This application makes those tasks and opportunities easier.


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