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Collaborating with others

Collaborating with other people brings more ideas and a wider range of perspective to a problem. It is easy to invite other people to share your computer screen and offer suggestions. You can attach a projector or interactive whiteboard to the external VGA port of your laptop and use the projected software in meetings.

If you purchase the network version of the software you can collaborate with other people on your network to brainstorm ideas and analyze a problem.

You can also make a copy of the backend data file in the folder C:\Problem Solving and send it to others. All the receiver needs to do is rename the backend data file and replace it with the file you sent them.

PSA Pro and PSA Net back ends are interchangeable by simply renaming the file to match the version in use. (PSA Pro_be.accdb or PSA Net_be.accdb). PSA Free back ends should only be used with the PSA Free front end.

If you do not want to share your corporate backend data file with others, use an empty copy of the data file or the free version of the application (PSA Free) as a work space for a specific problem.

All versions of the problem solving application are split into two parts, a front end and a back end. Both files can be found in the folder C:\Problem Solving.The front end with an .exe extension is what you see when you open the application. The back end with a _be.accdb extension stores the information you enter.

You may need the box marked "Hide extensions for known file types" cleared in the Tools-Folder Options-View section of Windows Explorer to see file extensions.


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