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New Backend Database Files

Click on the version of the backend data file you need to download it, or right click on the link and choose Save Target As. Save the file to a location on your computer. Rename your exisiting backend file in the folder C:\Problem Solving if you want to keep the data in it. Copy the saved file to C:\Problem Solving to replace your existing backend.

PSA Free backend

PSA Net backend

PSA Pro backend

You can keep multiple copies of the back end data file with different data in them. Simply rename the files with a distinctive name when not in use. Just remember that the backend data file in use must have the name PSA Free_be.accdb, or PSA Pro_be.accdb or PSA Net_be.accdb, depending on your version.

You can also exchange backend data files with other people and collaborate on projects. The files PSA Pro_be.accdb and PSA Net_be.accdb are interchangeable. Just name the file to suit your version. You cannot use PSA Free_be.accdb with Pro or Net and you cannot use Pro or Net backend files with the Free version.


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