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Affiliate Program

Useful and successful products still need enthusiastic salespeople. We are happy to share our success with anyone willing to put a little time and effort into selling our products, or simply put a link to our product page on their own website.

Sign up and become a problem solving affiliate. Start promoting this website to help us make sales. We will pay a commmission on every sale we make that has been referred by you.

Sales referred from your website with your affiliate code start at a commission of 25%. If you make regular sales of our products your commission can be increased to 50% upon request. If you don't have your own website, ask us for a page on this website you can refer clients to, with your affiliate code embedded in it.

Here is an example of another website selling the products using an affiliate link.

Affiliate systems have been the number one promotion technique for major websites over the past few years. Affiliates are the cheapest and fastest way to grow a business on the Internet.

It cost you nothing but a recommendation. It benefits us if it results in a sale we may not have made otherwise. The customer gets a useful application and everyone is better off.




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