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PSA Free is a free goal based problem solving application. It is a handy tool for any goal based activity; from whole of government planning to town planning, business planning, personal planning and problem solving.

A new free version of the software, based on the original, commercial network version, is under development. It will be called Prosolve and is in the testing phase and should be available by December 2016.

PSA is a method of examining and solving problems that employs a relational database to analyze impediments to goals and to implement proven business and military grade problem solving techniques. Select Download from the menu, or click on the image below to download.


A problem is a difficult and unwelcome situation that needs to be changed to a more desirable situation. Problem solving is the process of working through the details of a problem, making choices and performing actions to arrive at a more desirable outcome.

Problem solving is often difficult because it involves a series of logical steps. On their own, each step may be simple enough; but organising them in a way that can be tracked and remembered can be difficult. Each step usually involves two or more options which need to be ordered in terms of priority or importance. Each step involves some evaluation, critical thinking and often lateral thinking.

Not many people can perform multiple chains of related logical steps and evaluations in their head, keep track of them all and return to any step in any chain of the process to reexamine it; so tools are required to track each step of the process and keep each chain of thought visible.

A relational database is the best tool available for tracking the problem solving process, because it organises each step in a disciplined way, maintains the relationship of each step to the parent step above, allows the evaluation of each step and the return to any step for re-evaluation.

A relational database is the ideal tool for problem solving because it allows the user to easily drill down through the problem solving steps, collaborate with others, brainstorm ideas, evaluate each step, retain a record of the thought processes and return to any step to modify it.

PSA Free is a great tool for teaching effective, results-oriented planning, problem solving, decision making and collaboration skills to both children and adults.

The application is useful in almost any field, from personal and marriage issues to complex scientific, technical, business, educational, political and military use; breaking down and recording the problem solving process in simple sequential steps that are easy to track, collaborate upon and modify.




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